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Overcurrent protection scheme of LED lighting power


Diagram of LED power function module



LED (5W~10W) power driving scheme (for reference)

Input voltage: 85Vac~220Vac

Fuse: required rated voltage (250Vac), rated current (0.5A~2.0A)

SART recommends adopting S125-H2-1.0A 250VAC series chip fuse.

Application fields: bulb lamp, wall lamp, spotlight, indoor illumination, etc.



MR16 LED (1W~5W) power driving scheme (for reference)




Input voltage: 12Vac/12Vdc

Fuse: recommend adopting the chip fuse of surge protection specification.

SART recommends adopting S1206/0603-S series chip fuse.

CSR: 0.5W/1W Resistance is adjusted according to the load (150mohm~250mohm)

SART recommends adopting CSR SMF/SK series products.

Application fields: ceiling lamp, landscape lighting, display lighting, etc.