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Protection scheme of single cell battery of mobile phone



Protective IC turns off MOS and conduct the first protection under the circumstance of overcurrent caused by overshoot and overcharge of battery. Second protection can be particularly important when the first simulative protection has no effect.

Low internal resistance, low power consumption and small volume will be the future trend of fuse.

SART Fuse can provide 0603 series specification: S0603-F-5.0ASART CSR can provide SM (metal) /SMF (metal film mounted) series specifications. Such as SM12M1FR005T, SMF12M1FR010T, SMF12M1FR020T, etc.

 II. Protection scheme of 3~4 lithium batteries (three in series and two in parallel)


3~4 lithium batteries are usually used for the consumer electronics with about 90W power, such as Notebook, netbook and backup battery.

SART Fuse can provide 1206 series specifications, such as S1206-S-7.0A and S1206-FA-8.0A/10.0A/12.0A.
SART CSR can provide SM (metal) series specifications, such as SM25M2FR010T and SM25M2FR020T, etc.