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Electric tool:

Basic framework of motor drive (I) (for reference)


Basic framework of clicking drive (II) (for reference)

CSR of motor drive part is mainly used to detect the current through motor cooperating with IC, and plays a role in detecting the working status of motor; the resistance of SART CSR SM series products used here is 1 mΩ~3mΩ, the normal working current of motor is 15A and also it can reach above 50A when a fault occurs, so the power required is 3W.

Actual object of motor drive (for reference)

A lot of handheld electric tools also use lithium batteries as energy source, CSR can be used on some parts of lithium battery protection boards and the resistance of this part is 5mΩ ~ 10mΩ; recommend using SART SM series products to cooperate with IC to detect the charge and discharge conditions of battery.