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As an enterprise specializing in development of protective electronic components, Nanjing Sart Technology Development Co., Ltd. possesses perfect research and development (hereinafter referred to as R&S), manufacture, quality and marketing systems. The company adheres to the policy of R&S first and supports the increasing market demand for products by the R&S power. The R&S team is composed of a group of professionals with home and abroad education backgrounds and rich experience. The fuse product developed by SART has quick-break, pulse-resistance and other fusing characteristics which are necessary for fuse products, it is not easy to age in long-term use, and also it can be effectively used in the equipment with harsh requirements.

SART attaches great importance to building of intellectual property since the establishment. Through years of efforts, the company has mastered the core technology of chip fuse product and obtained the authorization of multiple invention patents at present, and also there are more than twenty domestic and foreign patents pending. These patents not only involve the structure and process of products, but also go deep into the core of products--preparation and use of materials, such as nanometer silicon carbide-alumina ceramic substrate, nano-silver-silver oxide paste, etc., which lays a solid foundation for product competition between SART and peers and safe use of the client. SART not only owns its own patents and registered trademarks, but actively participates in the formulation of national standards; these intellectual properties all fill in the gaps of this field in China.

SART TECHNOLOGY persists in the independent innovation and produces more refined and stronger protective components. In addition to the continuous deepening research of current fuse, it will also set foot in the development and production of voltage, temperature and multiple kinds of protective components. Working in R&D of new and high tech products in a long term, SART was awarded as "High and New Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", and established "Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center for Electronic Circuit Protective Components" which was approved by provincial and municipal leaders and experts. In the future, SART products will not only become the first brand of domestic protective components, but also strive to become the preferred brand of all major manufacturers in the international market.